Volvo L90 E-ECU SID 022  Error Code


It is not uncommon for excavators to inevitably experience operational failures during use. For operators lacking familiarity with fault codes, encountering excavator malfunctions can be perplexing. Many opt to seek assistance from a certified maintenance expert. However, engaging a professional technician often proves to be both time-consuming and costly. Therefore, understanding the meaning of the error code plays a key role in solving the fault problem in the operation or maintenance of the excavator. In the following article, Aprilparts will introduce information about the Volvo L90 E-ECU SID 022 error code and other common error codes.

Before introducing the error code, we need to know that the detection tool for checking Volvo trucks, excavators, and other construction machinery is VCADS Pro. This detection tool uses SAE-type fault codes. The working principle is: after reading the SAE fault code on VCADS Pro, convert the SAE fault code into a Volvo excavator fault code to determine where the machine fault is. The design of SAE fault codes includes identification numbers such as MID, PID, SID, and FMI. Here is a description of the abbreviations:

Volvo L90 E-ECU SID 022 Error Code


  • MID: Message Identification Description

Indicates control component identification). Each control component has a unique number.

  • PID: ParameterIdentification Description

Represents the identification of parameters/numeric values). Each parameter has a unique number.

  • PPID: Proprietary Parameter Identification Description

Represents Volvo’s unique parameter value/identification). Each parameter has a Volvo unique number.

  • SID: Subsystem IdentificationDescription

Indicates component identification). The SID numbers are determined by which control module (MID) they are transmitted from. Each control component has its own sequence of SID numbers, with the exception of SID numbers 151-255. They are common to all systems.

  • PSID: Proprietary Subsystem Identification Description.

Indicates Volvo’s unique component identification.

  • FMI: Failure Mode Identifier

Represents identification of fault type.

With the above background knowledge, we will delve into the understanding, diagnosing, and solving of SID 022 issues in the following content.

Firstly,  let’s have an understanding of Volvo L90 E-ECU SID 022. The L90 E-ECU has various sub-systems, including the fuel injection system, throttle control system, and emission control system. It is a microprocessor-based unit that communicates with other vehicle systems to ensure optimal performance. SID 022 is a specific sub-system within the L90 E-ECU that controls the engine’s fuel injection system. It monitors fuel pressure and ensures that the correct amount of fuel is delivered to the engine.

Component: SE2701 Sensor engine speed crankshaft

EA5, screening

EA30, frequency –

EA31, frequency +

Function Measure engine speed on crankshaft.
References · E-ECU engine speed

· Circuit diagram 28
VCADS Pro, test 28407-8

Tools · Multimeter 981 2519

· Transformer cable 999 8534

Malfunction detection conditions
Detected if the engine control unit (E–ECU) registers that the signal from the sensor is missing or if the signal has an abnormal frequency.
Type of error/ malfunction Symptom Possible cause
FMI 1 · Error message

· Amber central warning lamp

· The engine control unit uses the camshaft signal instead. If the camshaft signal also is incorrect, the engine is turned off.

· Rough running/rpm.

· Misfiring.

· Engine stops or cannot be started (on condition that camshaft signal also is incorrect).

· Leads short circuit or open circuit.

· Incorrectly installed sensor (incorrect distance from ring gear).

· Incorrectly connected polarity.

· Electrical interference on the tachometer (rpm) sensor.

· Poor insulation or damaged lead.

· Defective sensor.

· Damaged teeth on flywheel.

FMI 2 · Electric interference on rpm signal or poor contact/loose connection

· Poor insulation or defective cable.

· Defective or incorrectly installed sensor.

· Damaged teeth on flywheel.

FMI 3 · Short-circuiting to voltage, positive or negative cable.

· Short-circuiting to ground, positive cable.

· Short-circuiting between the cables or in the sensor.

· Open the circuit on positive or negative cable.

· Loose connection, defective sensor or incorrectly installed sensor.

FMI 4 · Electrical interference.

· Defective or incorrectly installed sensor.

· Damaged teeth on flywheel.

Other error code sharing:

Volvo EC210B Fault Code :

ER11-02 V-ECU controller has intermittent or incorrect data

ER12-02 E-ECU controller has intermittent or incorrect data

ER12-12 E-ECU controller is faulty

ER13-09 J1939 communication failure

ER13-11 J1939 other faults

ER13-12 J1939 component failure

ER14-09 J1587 communication failure

ER14-12 J1587 component failure

ER21-00 Battery voltage (V-ECU input voltage) is too high

ER21-01 Battery voltage (V-ECU input voltage) is too low

ER31-03 power off proportional solenoid valve voltage is too high

ER31-04 power-off ratio proportional solenoid valve voltage is too low

ER31-05 power shift proportional solenoid valve open circuit

ER32-03 flow control proportional solenoid valve voltage is too high

ER32-04 flow control proportional solenoid valve voltage is too low

ER32-05 flow control proportional solenoid valve open circuit

ER41-00 engine oil temperature is too high

ER41-03 engine oil temperature sensor voltage is too high

ER41-04 engine oil temperature sensor voltage is too low

ER41-11 engine oil temperature sensor other failures

ER42-03 boost temperature sensor voltage is too high

ER42-04 boost temperature sensor voltage is too low

ER42-11 booster temperature sensor other faults

Of course, the above description may not be comprehensive enough. If you want to know more about the detailed troubleshooting and exclusion methods, you can contact us directly, this is our email: We will provide relevant services to give you better advice on fault codes. Welcome your letter.

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