Top 10 Common Excavator Faults and Repair Methods


Excavators are powerful machines used in various construction and excavation projects. However, like any mechanical equipment, they are prone to faults and breakdowns over time. Understanding these common excavator faults and knowing how to repair them is essential to ensure the uninterrupted operation of these heavy-duty machines. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 common excavator faults and their repair methods.

1. The machine fails and cannot be started.

Cause of failure The battery is not full Coil or spark plug failure Insufficient fuel
Solution Check battery Check the coil and spark plug Replenish fuel

2. The machine travels slowly

Cause of failure Insufficient butter Transmission failure Broken transmission belt
Solution  Add butter Replace transmission Replace drive belt

3. Machine deviation is serious

Cause of failure Tire or track damage Steering shaft wiring
Solution  Replace tires or tracks Check steering shaft

4. Oil leakage

Cause of failure Joint damage Damaged sealing ring Manufacturing defect
Solution  Replace the connector Replace the sealing ring Claim to the manufacturer

5. Load capacity decreases

Cause of failure Isolator failure of arm and bucket Hydraulic pump failure
Solution Replace the isolator Replace the hydraulic pump

6. Hydraulic system failure

Cause of failure  Insufficient oil Pump or valve failure Aging of oil seals
Solution  Add oil Replace the pump and valve Replace oil seal

7. Motor failure

Cause of failure   oil contamination or excessive accumulation Insufficient maintenance Excessive service life
Solution  Change oil Make necessary repairs Replace motor

8. Electrical failure

Cause of failure  damaged wire connector Insufficient battery power Switch failure
Solution  Replace the connector Recharge the battery Replace the switch

9. Cooling system failure

Cause of failure  radiator steam leakage Fan motor failure Water pump aging
Solution Replace radiator Replace fan motor Replace water pump

10. The machine makes too much noise

Cause of failure  Hydraulic system failure Component wear Bearing failure Insufficient cleaning
Solution Repair hydraulic system Replace worn parts Replace bearings Perform proper cleaning


During work or use, regular maintenance, timely detection of problems, and timely repairs can extend the service life of the excavator, minimize downtime, and ensure safe and efficient operations on construction sites. If in doubt, always refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and seek professional help when needed.

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