K3B Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Mitsubishi K3B Engine

The K3B Diesel Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Mitsubishi K3B Engine is a comprehensive solution crafted to rejuvenate and optimize the performance of the Mitsubishi K3B diesel engine. This kit includes a variety of essential components needed for a thorough engine rebuild, ensuring optimal functionality and extended durability. The kit consists of crucial elements such as gaskets, cylinder liners, pistons, piston pins, snap rings, rod bushings, rings, main bearings, rod bearings, thrust bearings, intake valves, exhaust valves, valve guides, intake valve seats, and exhaust valve seats. Each component is carefully selected to meet the stringent standards required for the Mitsubishi K3B engine, providing a reliable and efficient solution for engine restoration and enhancement.

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Product Description:

Part Name Engine Rebuild Kits Part Number /
Engine model Mitsubishi K3B Engine Application Models with Mitsubishi K3B, K3B-61ES, K3B-61FT, K3B-31DS, K3B-31NSA, K3B-31HS, K3B-11B Engine
Refer Bobcat Excavator: X120, X125
Ferrari Tractor
Hanix Excavator:N06, N120, N150-2
Hitachi Construction Machinery Excavator: UE10
Hokuetsu Mini-excavator: HM10S
Iseki Compact Tractor:TU1500F, TX1510F, 2160, TX2160F, TX2160T
Mitsubishi Tractor: MT470D
Mitsubishi Excavator: ME15
Mitsubishi Tractor: MT470D
Terex Excavator: HR02;

Iseki TU1500, TX1510, TX2160 Tractor;

Nissan H-15, N120, N150 Loader

not only these models.

Parts include 1 Set of Overhaul Gasket Kit
3 Cylinder Liners
3 Pistons, STD
3 Piston Pins
6 Snap Rings
Set Rings For 3 Pistons, STD
1 Set of  Main Bearings
1 Set of Rod Bearings
1 Set of Thrust Plate
3 Intake Valves
3 Exhaust Valves
Cylinder  Configuration 3 in-line
Conditions New and in-stock Warranty 1-12 Months
Delivery  DHL, FedEx, EMS, UPS, Or by Air/ Sea Quality High quality
Package Neutral packing Payment Terms T/T, Paypal, WestUnion, etc
Lead Time 515 Days Delivery Time 5~20 Days


 1) Please confirm according to the correct part number instead of just a model!

2) if the engine detais you need are not in our above list, please further contact us to check for you. Maybe some information are not updated


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