A2FO Hydraulic Pump for Rexroth

The A2FO pump is designed to operate at high pressures, making it suitable for applications where there is a need for significant hydraulic force or power.

Aprilparts offers hydraulic pumps from the Rexroth A20FO series. For more product information, please contact us directly

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Product Description:

Part Name Hydraulic Pump Part Number A2FO250 /60L-VZB05, A2FO200 /60R-VPB05, A2FO355 /60R-VPH11, A2FLO200-60R-PPB05, A2FO 16/6.1R-VBB06, A2FO32/6.1R-PAB05, etc
Brand Rexroth Application construction equipment, material handling, and machine tools.
Conditions In-stock Warranty 1-12 Months
Delivery  DHL, FedEx, EMS, UPS, Or by Air/ Sea Quality High quality
Package Neutral packing Payment Terms T/T, Paypal, WestUnion, etc
Lead Time 24 Days Delivery Time 3~8 Days


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