Precautions for Maintenance of Excavator Cab


As a vital excavator equipment, the maintenance of the cab has a very important impact on its lifespan. Aprilparts engineers often receive some maintenance questions about excavator cabs. Next, we will explain in detail how to maintain excavator cabs.

Precautions for Maintenance of Excavator Cab

1. Clean the cab regularly

The working environment of excavators is complex, and a large amount of dust, sediment, and other impurities in the cab will affect the normal use of cab facilities and even affect the operation and the health of personnel. Regular cleaning of the cab is very necessary. During the cleaning process, water and detergent can be used for cleaning. However, you need to pay attention to one thing when cleaning: all instruments and electrical equipment cannot be disassembled and cleaned with water.

2. Protection of excavator windows

In the cab of the excavator, the window is an important device that requires our special attention. Fog, dust, and stains on car windows will affect the working environment and even hinder the effective use of rearview mirrors. Therefore, we need to protect the excavator windows. Under normal circumstances, we can choose a window cleaner or a special glass cleaner for cleaning.

3. Replace the air filter regularly

The air filter of an excavator is a very critical component. It can block dust, sediment, and corrosive substances in the air. Excessive amounts of these substances will pass through the air inlet and corrode the internal components of the machine, causing early damage to the machine. Therefore, the air filter needs to be replaced regularly to ensure excellent air quality, and the impact of two rolling operations on the machine will be reduced a lot.

4. Cab heating tips

In the severe winter season, the excavator cab will feel very cold. To keep the cab warm, you can use heating fans, electric blankets, and other tools to keep warm. At the same time, cab heat shields and fixed protection devices can also be installed to reduce the temperature in the cab.

5. Ensure the personal safety of drivers

When using an excavator, the safety of the driver also needs our attention. Drivers must have relevant professional training and abide by safety regulations to ensure personal safety. At the same time, it is also necessary to provide drivers with safe cab facilities, such as seat adjustment and seat belt adjustment, to better protect the driver’s safety.


Maintaining the excavator cab is a very important task. It directly affects the life and performance of the excavator equipment, and is also related to the driver’s safety. Therefore, we need to perform comprehensive maintenance on the excavator to improve the life and performance of the equipment. This not only ensures work efficiency but also reduces the repair costs of damaged equipment.

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