How to Repair Excavator Yourself


Hello there, fellow excavator enthusiasts! I’m excited to share my journey as an excavator operator from Aprilparts with a penchant for repairing and maintaining these heavy machines. I will share my experience below, hoping it will be helpful to everyone.

Understand the basic structure of the machine

First, we need to understand the basic structure of the excavator. The excavator is mainly composed of four parts, including the walking system, chassis system, superstructure, and hydraulic system. When repairing an excavator, we need to have an in-depth understanding of the working principle, composition, and function of these parts. Only in this way can we accurately determine the cause of the failure and carry out a series of correct maintenance operations.

Learn how to fix machine failures

Secondly, we need to learn how to solve excavator failures. Different causes of failure require different solutions. For example, if the engine oil is found to be burned black, we can check whether the engine oil filter needs to be replaced, check whether the engine water temperature is normal, etc. For hydraulic system failure, we can check the hydraulic oil pressure, whether the seals are worn, etc.

Master the necessary tools and maintenance skills

In addition, we also need to master the necessary tools and maintenance skills. Excavator troubleshooting requires the use of welders, power tools, pressure gauges, and other tools. And you must be flexible in mastering the maintenance methods of various types of machinery. For example, when disassembling a machine, we strictly follow the disassembly sequence of the machine and keep records of each step of the operation. In this way, during installation, we can retrieve all accessories in time according to the recorded process. More importantly, we also need to fully master the basic knowledge of maintenance documentation and mechanical maintenance.


Maintenance of excavators requires a very serious attitude, precise operations, and an indomitable spirit. Although skilled maintenance skills cannot immediately reverse the situation when a fault occurs, long-term running-in and practice can help us better understand the machine, gradually cultivate our awareness and ability to maintain the machine, reduce major production fluctuations caused by faults, and reduce maintenance costs. I hope the above experience can help friends who also want to repair their excavators themselves.

repairing excavator

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