How to Improve the Stability and Operating Efficiency of Excavators


Excavators occupy an important position in the engineering field. However, factors such as a high center of gravity, deviation of the operating room from the axis of the frame, and unstable working surface will lead to insufficient stability of the excavator’s work and reduce its operating efficiency. To this end, engineers from Aprilparts proposed the following solutions to these problems to improve the stability and operating efficiency of the excavator.

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How to Improve the Stability and Operating Efficiency of Excavators

  • Adjust the center of gravity of the excavator

The center of gravity of the excavator is too high, which is one of the main reasons for the instability of the excavator. Therefore, we can improve the stability of the excavator itself by constantly adjusting the center of gravity of the excavator. The specific operation method is to add a weight iron block to the bottom of the rear digging stick. Each excavator needs to increase the weight appropriately according to the size of the machine.

  •  Redesign the excavator operating room

If the operating room deviates from the axis of the frame, it will also cause the excavator to be unstable. In order to solve this problem, Hefei Excavator Repair Shop proposed a plan to redesign the operation room. By moving the operating room above the frame axis, the center of gravity is avoided and the stability of the excavator is improved.

  • Install additional ancillary equipment

During the working process of the excavator, additional attachments can improve the efficiency of the excavator’s work. For example, installing a hydraulic cylinder shock absorber can absorb shock during the lifting of heavy objects and improve safety; installing a steering valve can play a role in the hydraulic system, making the excavator’s steering more flexible.

  • Choose a suitable work surface

The choice of working surface for the excavator is also the key to increasing stability and operating efficiency. We should choose a working surface that is as flat as possible, avoid working in unstable areas such as slopes, and avoid instability and safety problems caused by external interference to the excavator.

  • Perform regular maintenance on the excavator

Regular maintenance of the excavator is an important guarantee for ensuring the long-term good operation of the excavator. Including inspection and maintenance of the machine’s hydraulic system, engine oil, machine filter and other parts, and timely replacement and repair of worn parts, so as to ensure the operating efficiency and working stability of the excavator.


The above five-point method is an effective way to increase the stability and operating efficiency of the excavator. We should pay attention to these aspects in our daily work to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the excavator.

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