How to deal with Komatsu Excavator E05 Error Code


The E05 fault code on Komatsu excavators is mainly caused by oil leakage inside the engine. The leaked oil or diesel will drip on the wiring harness, causing the outer skin of the wiring harness to accelerate aging, resulting in damage to the wiring.

Through the monitoring function of the Komatsu display screen, you can see that the instrument displays the E05 fault code. The E05 fault code indicates a fault in the throttle motor control system.


Steps to Deal with the E05 Error Code:

① Make sure the ignition switch remains on, press and hold the ↑ button on the display screen, and press buttons 1, 2, and 3 in sequence to enter the monitoring panel.

② After entering the monitoring panel and waiting for the test results, you can see that item 033 data is abnormal and is 0 mA. Item 033 is the governor motor A-phase current, and the value under normal circumstances is 690-700 mA. After finding the problem, we go to the excavator to check the engine to see what the problem is.

It can be seen that the plug in the picture has poor contact, and at the same time, the outer skin of the wire harness is aged and cracked, causing damage to the circuit and an E05 fault warning.


In this case, you can wrap and repair it with insulating tape. If the wiring harness is severely aged, consider replacing the wiring harness assembly. Otherwise, aging lines may be in danger of line fire.

After repair, you can see the data when the A-phase current of the speed regulator motor returned to normal. After restarting, you can see that the E05 fault was resolved and the excavator returned to normal working status.

Please note that the above is the solution in most situations. If the issue persists or you cannot identify the root cause of the overheating problem, it is advisable to seek assistance from a qualified Komatsu technician. They can perform a more in-depth diagnosis and resolve the issue effectively.

Other error code solutions are being written, please feel free to contact us if necessary.

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